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The 2015 Quad City Heat 13U Black team selected 2 new additions to the team after tryouts. These players are Brandon Young (Atlanta, GA) and Matthew Stoffers (from Davenport). These 2 players played travel ball last year and will be great additions to the team as they bring great attitudes and wonderful parents. Both players will be utilized in the main core of pitching as well as time behind the plate catching, giving Griffin some ability to move around the field as well.


For the upcoming season the team played 13 games in fall against tough 14 year old teams competiting against every team and losing just 4 of the games and winning 9. Three of the games were against the same 14u major team.


For the rest of the fall kids are asked to please play in another sport as well as keep getting better athletically for the upcoming season. This includes stretching at least 4 times a week and building the core, both should only take 30 minutes a day. The players are also asked to watch youtube videos of instruction and drills to get a good idea of what the proper swing should look like before heading into the winter practice. If the players can see and have a good idea of what that is, when it comes time to practice, quicker development will occur.


I have high hopes for the players and will do everything in my ability to make sure that they once again are prepared when they come out to play in 2015! We will again not take any tournament for granted nor take any opponent lightly. We will continue to progress the entire season and hope to be playing our best baseball when it comes to June and July.













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